One look says it all: you’re a woman who isn’t afraid to break a few rules … borrow from the best … upset expectations. You don’t follow fashion, you lead with style.

March VIII, by Katya Alexander, is a bold and beautiful alternative to the watered-down, wasteful world of fast fashion. Our carefully-crafted looks are timeless, modern classics designed to help pare down your wardrobe to the very essence of your unique personality.

Why March VIII? Like International Women’s Day, we are here to celebrate and empower women. We believe in sisterhood, sustainability, sexiness, and the good, old-fashioned common sense of investing only in beautiful pieces that are made to last. So go ahead, indulge your inner diva. Dare to dress up! You owe it to yourself.



March VIII is the culmination of a dream inspired by my seamstress grandmother, who would never leave her house without her red lipstick. Her style and charisma continue to inspire me every day.

I’ve been honored to share my vision of fashion with fellow strong, empowered women, with collections that reflect my personal vision and style. Beautiful pieces designed by a woman and made for women.

"As I learned at an early age, there's no job too big - or too small - for a strong woman to make a powerful impression."