Who ever made a conquest dressed in loungewear?
And why shouldn’t you feel free to set your own dress code?
Let’s face it, there’s no such thing as overdressed, if you’ve got confidence in your own power, first.
Because, once you’ve got that, whatever you wear, you own it. Not the other way around.
So go ahead, the attention is all on you. Dare to dress up! You owe it to yourself.

Katya Alexander, Founder of March VIII

Katya Alexander, Founder

March VIII is the culmination of a dream inspired by my seamstress grandmother, who would never leave her house without her red lipstick. Her style and charisma continue to inspire me every day.

I’ve been honored to share my vision of fashion with fellow strong, empowered women, with collections that reflect my personal vision and style. Beautiful pieces designed by a woman and made for women.

As I learned at an early age, there’s no job too big — or too small — for a strong woman to make a powerful impression.