Pajama Wear Is the Trend for Spring 2017

How many of us women get tired of the high heels and fitted look when all we want is to be casual yet sexy on some day and evenings out?

Many of today's fashion is geared towards the fitted look and if it's casual, the t-shirt and jeans is the go to outfit. Well, since Spring 2016 the runways have progressively upped their game on the ultra-casual look via Pajama-wear ... or as the Europeans spell it, "Pyjamas".

This expanding trend is running full steam into 2017 with elevated fashion showing up on the red carpet with celebrities, social media influencers, and fashionistas modeling the latest styles.  Whether is high-street silk wares, or layered rompers with discrete designs hiding suit linings, outdoor pajamas have hit the mainstream. When J Crew, the epitome of mainstream, starts to offer the trend, that is confirmation enough.

March VIII is following this trend and has scoured the European markets for a unique spin on this rising trend.  Our collection of pajama-inspired apparel is arriving just in time for Spring 2017 emphasizing pairing with your existing wardrobe.

March VIII Spring 2017 Pajama Collection

White Pajama Jacket

White Pajama Jacket with Wrap Front

Shirt with Contract Binding from Q2

Shirt With Contrast Binding by Q2

White Blazer wth Florals

White Blazer With Floral Prints by Q2

White Shirt by Q2

White Shirt by Q2

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A number of great articles are out there for additional help on who and how the trend is being worn today.  A few links are provided for your reading pleasure: